HKAI LAB is a platform for bringing together academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs in AI who are passionate about innovation and creating a better future. HKAI LAB is focused on advancing the frontiers of AI with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, and empowering startups to develop and commercialize their AI inventions and technologies. The lab is dedicated to fostering a community of dynamic talents that will help build a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

HKAI LAB offers several key advantages, including:

  • Powerful GPU-equipped high-performance computer resources
  • Strong advisory from the expertise of researchers and scientists
  • Seed funding and exposure to venture capitalists

HKAI LAB is a not-for-profit initiative and it is fully funded by the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund (AHKEF) and SenseTime, with support from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), Alibaba Cloud and the Alibaba DAMO Academy.


HKAI LAB offers a 12-month Accelerator Program that takes your startup to the next level. We focus on commercializing AI inventions and technologies that are developed at the lab. We run two accelerator cohorts every year, taking in six to ten startups each time.

Deadline of Application


You will receive seed funding of US$100,000 from Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund in form of convertible note, in exchange for at most 6% equity.
You will have direct access to:
  • GPU-equipped high-performance computer resources
  • PAI, a machine-learning platform powered by Alibaba Cloud
  • Parrot, a deep-learning platform powered by SenseTime.
HKAI LAB facilitates knowledge sharing by a wide spectrum of our advisors, coaches, and experts, including AI scientists, eminent professors, and technical experts. You will also have the chance to meet venture capitalists and potential strategic partners through various events held at or outside of the lab. There may also be opportunities to work with Alibaba Group and SenseTime on different business ventures.

To support your growth, you will have access to US$10,000 worth of Alibaba Cloud services credits, technical consultation and support from Alibaba Cloud, SenseTime and the Alibaba DAMO Academy teams. You will also receive technical and management assistance, promotion and development assistance, and business support from HKSTP through their Incu-Tech program.
In collaboration with HKSTP, we will provide you with rent-free office space at Hong Kong Science Park for the duration of the Accelerator Program.
Who Is Eligible
An applicant (an individual or a company) must have a Hong Kong-registered company established for no more than three years if your application is selected.
The majority of the founding team members must either be Hong Kong permanent residents, or the company’s meaningful operations are carried out in Hong Kong.
The founding team members must hold 51% or more of the shares of the company.
The company must have at least two full-time staff.
At least 50% of your team should engage in the field of AI-related work.
Your core activity at the HKAI LAB should be related to R&D. You cannot use the office space as a sales and marketing office.
No retail activities or mass production is permitted at the lab.
HOW WE Select
Our selection panel screens applications for Accelerator Program of HKAI LAB based on the following criteria:
  • Depth of research and development
  • Innovation quotient
  • Viability of your business plan
  • Competence of the founding team
  • Quality milestones set for 1 year


Online Application
Submit the online application form with the required supporting documents including, but not limited to:
a. A business plan,
b. The CVs of the founders and
c. The certificate of incorporation of the company (if available).
Assessment by Selection Panel
Paper assessment by Selection Panel based on the application materials received.
Interview by Selection Panel
Shortlisted applicants will undergo an interview process with the selection panel.
Selected applicants are required to undergo a due diligence process. Applicants will only be admitted to the HKAI LAB Accelerator Program if the result of due diligence is satisfactory within a specific timeframe.
Your application may be accepted even if your business legal entity has not yet been registered. However, if you are selected to the Accelerator Program, you must complete the business registration before entering the due diligence process.

Deadline of Application